eye-level, Existential Psychotherapy

I’m here to help you brave life’s challenges and learn more about yourself

Hi! I'm Orian

I’m an Existential Psychotherapist and a fellow human being. And I’m here to help.


50 minutes. I also make it my case to be available outside of sessions in case the need arises. 

No. While the space is all yours, I’m also here to make sure you are well and capable on your own by teaching you emotional regulation techniques and tools that can help you persevere, even if I’m not there to support you. I also make it a point to give you different perspective on things you share.

Of course. Nothing gets out. Our sessions are a safe space for you to engage with your inner self.

I like to keep therapy at eye-level. I’m here to help you walk a path and to teach you from what I know – whether it is perspectives that can be gained via philosophy, self-regulation techniques – and simply exploring your emotional life with a trained individual and fellow human being.

I base my method around existential psychotherapy modalities practiced by Yalom, and I also believe in the wisdom ancient philosophy has to offer us. Additionally, as an avid meditator I like to pass on my knowledge and help my patients acquire a new skill-set.

You can learn more about Existential Psychotherapy here.

I don’t intend to keep you around for more than you need to, but therapy takes time. Once we meet, we can set goals, understand what we’re after and work on from there.

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